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Sunday, November 27, 2011

American Idol Wannabe

Lizzie...you have got to help me. I have to find a way to get my mom to STOP
 singing. She sings in the car, she sings while she makes dinner, she even sings
 along with American Idol...... Who wants to see and hear their mom singing....
 (impersonating Beyonce) All The Single ladies ...all the single ladies... All the single
ladies... all the single ladies... and dancing all crazy around the kitchen??!! It’s 
embarrassing. Not to mention she is tone deaf. Her singing sends our dog running 
into the other room. In fact it’s so bad she was kicked off the PTA because the
other mom’s couldn’t stand another karaoke fundraiser with her! So... quick 
Lizzie...You have GOT to help find a way to keep my mom from singing!!!


  1. I think this is very interesting and i want to use it 4 additions

  2. I love this one and I really want to use it for my monologue show in August

  3. I like this one I am going to use this when we have to right our own script in theater, but I am going to make sure I give Talent Inc. credit, because they did a awesome job. I might also use it for auditions.

  4. This is very funny

  5. So funny that is my mom