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Thursday, July 19, 2012

TTYL (Talk To You Later)

So last night.. O...M...G.... I was watching TMZ with my BFF…FYI her name  is J.C...to get the 411 on  my latest peeps, aight.. When I see it’s official... all experts have agreed that Justin Bieber is out and Simon Curtis is in!!!! Holy Jonas Brothers!! JC and I immediately take out our Bold BB’s and start to BBM with all our worthy peeps. We had to save the popular kids in school from making a "my bad" the next morning at school. I mean one slip up like this could cost you your entire social career in (High / Middle) School. This one girl T.J. she didn’t get her BBM cause her mom grounded her for not doing her HW, whatever LOL… she showed up with a Justin Bieber T-shirt on at school the next day… let's just say she’s now the girl that check’s out AV equipment in the library. TTYL…..

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Fourth Of July

   My favourite thing to do on the Fourth of July is light the fireworks. My all time favourite were these things called three penny bangers! They were like supercharged firecrackers. Anyway....one time, we found a humongous dog poo ...you know like from a one of those dogs that's the size of a horse... well we decided to see what would happen if a banger went off in it. So,  we carefully inserted a banger so that just the blue fuse bit was sticking out, and then it was lit. We all ran to a safe distance and waited, and waited…. and waited.  The main fizzy bit of the fuse eventually started up....and then it got closer.....and closer... and....nothing. We waited a good thirty seconds and, as all had gone quiet, my neighbour,  Donald Palmer, we all called him Donnie… slowly approached the banger to see if it could be re-lit. He'd just got his face right up close when a sort of "crump" noise happened, and he fell backwards, spitting and swearing.

   His face, neck and chest were covered with hundreds of tiny but perfectly formed, little pointy flecks of poop. Donnie wasn’t very popular with girls after that summer. No one could past the fact he was once covered in poo.

 That was the summer I decided to stop playing with three penny bangers.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Disney Danger

Hello… I would like to take a moment to talk to all of you about the dangers of taking your parents to Disneyland. First off, we are all here with a big group, and who wants to be discovered by a classmate when your mom is wearing Mickey Ears, and asking your little brother how to write a text message… then of course, there is your dad’s fascination with roller coasters. This could go one of 2 ways, either really fun if he likes all the same rides you do… or if your dad is like mine, then you should avoid them altogether. My dad made me wait in line for the highest… the fastest, and most exciting ride at Disney… Space Mountain… the line was forever, then we climb into a car that zips off… I started to question my dad about the 4 corndogs he had wolfed down while waiting in line… then it happened… As soon as we hit the first dip in the track …(WWWWaaaaarrrffff!!!! ) my dad HURLS!!! I think it must have hit some people in the cars behind us, because for being at Disney.... I sure heard a lot of BAD language… thank god Space Mountain is in the dark so no one knew who did it. If you go… I suggest sitting in the front!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Child Of War

Michael Fessaha:

Don’t tell me how to feel. (long pause) I know what I feel...all I have ever done is feel. (remembering his mother, maybe holding a photograph of her that is all tattered) I felt when they took me away from my mother, and they made me watch her call out to me as they beat her....and laughed...I still remember them laughing at me for crying...so don’t tell me how to feel. All my crying , and all my feeling couldn’t save my mother....it only amused those...(with disgust) men...Men who abused her... right in front of me...and made me watch...before they slit her throat, and left her to die in my arms....you don’t know what I am feeling...I used to feel love...but I can’t anymore...all I feel is hate...hate for everything around me...even you.

This Monologue is dedicated to Michael Fessaha who performed this monologue and booked the short film "Child of War" which will be hitting the film festival circuits in 2012. To see more about him be sure to visit www.Talent-Inc.ca