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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Fourth Of July

   My favourite thing to do on the Fourth of July is light the fireworks. My all time favourite were these things called three penny bangers! They were like supercharged firecrackers. Anyway....one time, we found a humongous dog poo ...you know like from a one of those dogs that's the size of a horse... well we decided to see what would happen if a banger went off in it. So,  we carefully inserted a banger so that just the blue fuse bit was sticking out, and then it was lit. We all ran to a safe distance and waited, and waited…. and waited.  The main fizzy bit of the fuse eventually started up....and then it got closer.....and closer... and....nothing. We waited a good thirty seconds and, as all had gone quiet, my neighbour,  Donald Palmer, we all called him Donnie… slowly approached the banger to see if it could be re-lit. He'd just got his face right up close when a sort of "crump" noise happened, and he fell backwards, spitting and swearing.

   His face, neck and chest were covered with hundreds of tiny but perfectly formed, little pointy flecks of poop. Donnie wasn’t very popular with girls after that summer. No one could past the fact he was once covered in poo.

 That was the summer I decided to stop playing with three penny bangers.


  1. u misspelled favorite.

  2. Thanks for the note. It is the Canadian (Proper British spelling) of "favourite". For U.S. performers feel free to change it to "favorite".

  3. I remember Penny Bangers in Australia they were my "favourites" as well I nearly went to "gaol" for having them. I didn't nearly go to "gaol" I just wanted to mess with everyone cause that's how we spell "gaol" not jail. :-)