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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Great Uncle Al! - John Stevens of Talent INC Canada

Let's see that's a good question. If I could have dinner with one person from history...it would be my great uncle....Al. He was crazy smart, and VERY famous. Like "Kardashian" famous only.... a LOT less scandalous. It's true, he was. He was made famous by these holes made by worms from outer space.  In fact he inspired characters in 3 of my favorite movies. They used his eyes for the alien in E.T., and then of course there is Yoda from Star Wars, who they used my great uncle's forehead and then of course they used his hair for the character of Emmett Brown in Back To The Future. Who's my great uncle... you mean you can't tell from all those clues!? He is none other than... Albert Einstein.. of course.