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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Conversations with Grandma - by John Stevens

Teenage Girl:

(Bringing flowers to a grave)

Hi Grandma, how are you today? (she sits on her feet at the edge of the grave and tries to spruce it up clearing away twigs and such.)

Grandma, I need your advice. Mom is driving me crazy. I sometimes wonder if she drove you crazy too. (laughs to herself) In fact, sometimes I wonder if she didn't put you here!

Ever since you left us, she has not been the same. She started drinking ... a LOT. I know if you were here she would listen to you. But whenever I try to talk to her about, she says, "I'm just a kid, I wouldn't understand."

But I do understand Grandma. She's not the only one missing you. And.... the last thing I want right now is for something to happen to her. If something did...then... then I would be all alone in this world. ... Just me.

Anyway. If you can pull any strings... you know... up there...it sure would be nice to have my mom back.

(she gets up and starts to leave the grave site, but then turn back with one last thought.)

I honestly don't know who I miss more....you..... or her.


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